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Why Berlin

The German capital is a cosmopolitan, booming start-up hub, with an outstanding ecosystem for the development of disruptive start-ups, comprising a high number of long established and successful incubators, accelerators, and thriving entrepreneurs. As of 2015, Berlin surpassed London in the amount of venture capital invested in start-ups. Specially IT & internet startups in Berlin receive the most VC in all of Germany.

According to the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking (2015) Berlin has the highest growth expectation (regarding the number of startups, venture capital investments and exit-evaluations) in the world. An average seed-round in Berlin is about 550,000 US-Dollar, Series A amounts 5,5-6,5 million US-Dollar. Such well-known companies like Rocket Internet, Soundcloud, Zalando, 6WunderKinder or Sociamantic Labs were all founded in Berlin.


Berlin’s universities concentrate talent -over 24 000 graduates/year. They also play a key role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and provide start-ups with significant resources. For this reason, EXIST Start-up Germany has established a unique partnership between the five main universities in Berlin and Potsdam!

The city’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem draws from a great scene of talented and creative people from all over the world – over 180 nationalities! The lively and growing Israeli community adds great value to this landscape. Especially for Israeli entrepreneurs willing to scale globally, Berlin’s geographic location is advantageous: located in the center of Western Europe, it provides access to large European markets while being only 3.5h from home!

At the same time, Berlin and its surroundings offer a great quality of life for young people, with significant lower living costs compared to any other European metropolis, with a vibrant nightlife and plenty of art, music, cultural events, lakes and green urban spaces. All this makes Berlin an ideal place to develop your business and bask in creativity.

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