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German Accelerator Start-ups 1/2015

The German Accelerator has selected 18 start-ups from a total of 80 applications which will immerse for three months in the start-up and entrepreneurial scenes of Silicon Valley, San Francisco and New York in the first half 2015. Among the finalists are five EXIST-funded startups.

After a multistage selection process and an intensive selection meeting the finalists were allowed to present their business ideas in person before the international jury of the German Accelerator in Stuttgart.

Group portrait of German Accelerator startups 1/2015 Image rights: German Accelerator, Foto: Wolfgang Simm

For a stay in the Silicon Valley / Palo Alto and San Francisco have been selected:

  • EXIST-Start-up: Bitstars - Create and customize your own Augmented & Virtual Reality 3D content.
  • EXIST-Start-up: FoodLoop - Save It All - Your Money & Our Resources!
  • EXIST-Start-up: Payever – make payment easy
  • Apinauten - ApiOmat, your complete app backend in 5 Steps
  • iTiZZiMo – we simplify iT
  • Just Software – LOVE YOUR INTRANET
  • NINU – The smart Pregnancy Companion
  • ParkTAG – Solve Parking Problems
  • Software Diagnostics – Know your Code Landscape. For a Successful Business
  • TobyRich – Smartphone controlled gadgets!
  • Unu – e-scooter, embrace urban life
  • Zeyon – Say “Hi” to the workspace of tomorrow!

For a stay New York City have been selected:

  • EXIST-Start-up: AOM-Systems – Advanced Optical Measurement Systems
  • EXIST-Start-up: Klang:technologies – A REVOLUTION. 3D IN-EAR MONITORING.
  • Niiu publishing – the newspaper of the future
  • Paij – paij is Mobile Payment made in Germany
  • Snapmobl – snapmobl makes any website smartphone friendly
  • testCloud – Crowd Testing

The above-mentioned Start-ups were announced as winners on the network event Celebrating Innovation of the German Accelerators where the best minds in the industry from all over Germany and the US traveled to see the most innovative founders. About 300 guests were present when the founders were in the limelight and reciting their individual winner pitch within 90 seconds.

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