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EXIST review

EXIST has already completed several stages since its successful start:

1998 EXIST: five EXIST modell regions (EXIST I)

Universities cooperating with partners from the fields of science, business and politics could apply. These regional networks were to lay the prerequisites for motivating, training and assisting entrepreneurial personalities and a suitable offer was to be developed for students, staff and graduates. A jury chose five model regions from 200 applicants.

2000 support programme EXIST-SEED

This support programme was initiated to motivate students, graduates and scientists at the universities in the five EXIST model regions to start up a business. Innovative start-up projects at universities were funded for a maximum period of one year. EXIST SEED was extended to universities nationwide in the year 2005.

2002 EXIST-Transfer: ten Entrepreneurial Networks (EXIST II):

A further ten networks from the German academic community were chosen for the support. The corpus of knowledge of the five model regions from EXIST I was transferred to the ten Entrepreneurial Networks. A broad exchange of experience with a further 20 partner regions took place.

2006 The Support of 47 Entrepreneurial Networks for universities and research institutes (EXIST III)

The EXIST III support programme, "Promoting Entrepreneurship at Universities and Research institutes" was to fill the remaining gaps in the qualification and support services provided. Particular importance was laid on including research institutes. EXIST III concentrated on clearly defined and differentiated projects that would be carried out together with partners. Some of these projects are still going on.

2007 Support programme EXIST Business Start-up Grants

As a follow-up measure of EXIST SEED, students, university staff as well as graduates receive the EXIST Business Start-up Grant for a year to prepare a start-up business. Funding for personnel costs come from an individual grant. A separate budget for coaching is given to the start-up teams being funded.

2010 Start of the competition
EXIST Culture of Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneur University (EXIST IV)

Universities are supported in developing and implementing a university-wide strategy of developing their status as institutions with a reputation for entrepreneurship. Universities taking part are requested to improve their entrepreneurial management and to position themselves as universities with an entrepreneurial profile.

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