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Project conclusion

Starting an entrepreneurial future and economic growth

A first step towards this end is taken with a successful grant completion. The business plan written and submitted in at the end of the funding period is the strategic basis for further structuring and developing the business. The business plan appraisal by the sponsor serves as a basis for assessing whether the project could achieve the funding policy targets. This appraisal is also sent to the entrepreneurs and universities or research institutes as feedback. What formalities need to be observed when the project grant is completed?

Report on the expenditure of funds

For formally winding up the project, a report on the expenditure of funds has to be compiled together with the university/research institute. This report is part of the documentation that the project was carried out as per the concept paper plan as well as the coaching/materials and equipment expenses plan. Content related documentary evidence are the project report and business plan. Numerical documentary evidence comes from the list of items that was drawn up for expenses on coaching, materials and equipment. You will find the relevant template under the menu item Downloads on this website.

EXIST Alumni

Subsequent entrepreneurs profit from the experiences of previous generations of entrepreneurs. In addition, positive as well as negative success stories signal to politicians, business, universities/research institutes and the start-up community that they should actively participate in shaping business spin-outs from universities. It is of particular interest for the EXIST programme to keep track of the progress of past funded teams and to document this progress. Up to five years after project completion, all teams are sent a questionnaire once a year and are asked about the status of their business. This is how a medium term viral EXIST alumni community is being established.

What comes after the EXIST Business Start-up Grant?

The Business Start-up Grant is almost completed, the business plan has been written and now? Entrepreneurs frequently ask themselves this question shortly before completing their project and realise that it is not going to work without follow-up financing. This situation often occurs in the case of innovative or very growth oriented schemes. Clever entrepreneurs deal with this potential situation at an earlier stage, while implementing the project.

The coaches mentoring the team and also Entrepreneurs networks or start-up consultants are one of the first people to turn to during project implementation. Being in touch with Förderberatung des Bundes (federal grant advisors) can also be helpful. Likewise, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has suitable solutions for entrepreneurs in search of capital.

INVEST - Zuschuss für Wagniskapital

Business Angels are reimbursed 20% of their investment with INVEST if they are involved in the start-ups to the tune of at least 10,000 euro. In this way their risk in believing in bold ideas is reduced. INVEST improves the chances of an innovative business of finding a private investor and this way everyone profits from government funding.

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF)

A venture capital investment firm, High-Tech Gründerfonds, was created in 2005. Along with it an instrument was created that invested in newly established technology oriented German businesses, thus filling a gap in early phase financing. 

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