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Seminar "Entrepreneur Team"

To start a business one first needs a good business idea, a business plan and the necessary seed capital. One also needs specialist and commercial or business know-how.

A team start-up is recommended to cope successfully with the different requirements made of a business manager.

As a start-up or business team, you should

  • follow a common vision
  • have characteristics and strengths that complement each other
  • communicate effectively
  • motivate each other
  • divide up competencies and responsibilities
  • recognise problems in time and solve them together

EXIST Seminar "Entrepreneur Team"

The EXIST Business Start-up Grant also includes the participation in a day long "Entrepreneurial Team" seminar so that you get a picture of your potential and of your entrepreneurial soft skills that is as objective as possible. You receive a result that includes an analysis of your team. Every team member is given his or her personal strength-weakness profile making targeted improvement possible. The aim of the seminar is to help you develop the qualities of your team, flesh out your business proposal as well as support you in developing your potential and it is not a selection procedure.

How does the EXIST "Entrepreneurial team" seminar work?

Up to five entrepreneurial teams can participate in the one-day seminar. Their job is to tackle different types of exercises. These might be, for example:

  • presenting a business idea
  • working on case studies
  • working on tasks as a team
  • role play (e.g. discussion with a customer, with an investor)
  • exercises under time pressure

You will be observed by trainers while absolving the tasks. Under assessment will be, for example, your strengths and weaknesses in teamwork, allocation of tasks and possible gaps in skills, your organizing skills, your ability to persuade others and to cooperate with them, your ability to assert yourself and your argumentation skills, etc.

An online test or questionnaire prior to the seminar gives the trainer an idea of the capabilities of the Entrepreneur Team so that the seminar can be more effective. The result of the seminar comes in the form of oral feedback during a team discussion. Written feedback with a detailed strength-weakness profile and with tips for possible improvement within the team will be sent to every team member a few days later. We guarantee the safekeeping of these personal details at all times.

Advantages of the EXIST "Entrepreneur Team" seminar

Participation brings with it number of advantages:

  • You get an appraisal of the quality of your team and suggestions for personal enhancement.
  • You see what soft skills are necessary in an average day in the life of an entrepreneur.
  • You are confronted with realistic situations and tasks.
  • You get to know your strengths and can improve them if necessary.
  • You get to know your weaknesses and can work on those.
  • You can assess better what sort of role distribution might make more sense in your enterprise in the future (front or back office)
  • You are in a position to see the extent to which your own perceptions tally with those of your observer by comparing the two.
  • You get to know other EXIST scholars who might be important for your personal contact network.


You will receive an invitation to participate in a one-day seminar within five months after the funding from the EXIST Business Start-up Grant has begun. Research teams that are funded by EXIST Transfer of Research receive an invitation within the first year of Phase I of funding.

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