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Competition "EXIST-Culture of Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneur University"

The objective of the competition is to develop and implement university-wide strategies to establish a culture of entrepreneurship and increase the spirit of entrepreneurship at the universities.

In addition, start-up funding should shift from being of a temporary nature and limited in scope to being an ongoing process of strategic importance.

The EXIST "Culture of Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneur University" competition supports universities,

  • to position themselves as institutions with a reputation for entrepreneurship,
  • to tap the potential of technology-oriented and knowledge-based start-ups at the university level over the long-term.
  • to strengthen entrepreneurial approach and behaviour amongst students and university staff.

Who will be funded?

  • Public and private universities in Germany
  • Co-operation partners can be involved in grant funding for the allocation of subcontracted work

22 universities from 2 rounds of competition are currently being funded. They can be found on the EXIST project map. The three universities with the most convincing concepts in every round were also given the title, "EXIST Entrepreneur University". This title comes with their own EXIST logo that the universities may display, illustrating the importance of the Culture of Entrepreneurship at that university.

Logo von EXIST - Die Gründerhochschule

The two pillars of the Entrepreneur University:

Säulendiagramm "Die zwei Säulen der Gründerhochschule": erste Säule "Strategiebildung" mit drei tiefergehenden Unterpunkten, zweite Säule "Parktische Umsetzung" mit vier tiefergehenden Unterpunkten Die zwei Säulen der Gründerhochschule

How does the competition work?

The "EXIST Culture of Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneur University" competition consisted of two rounds of competition that were carried out at an interval of about one and a half years. The first round started in spring 2010 and the second began in autumn 2011.
The submission and funding procedure takes place in two stages for each round of competition. The subject matter of the funding is:

  • Stage 1: ("Concept phase"): concept elaboration- the universities develop a comprehensive entrepreneurial strategy, including working on the administrative structures and body of rules and regulations as well as developing suitable quality management procedure. This is to be presented as a concrete implementation plan. The concept should specify the means by which this strategy is to be implemented, and how the university can become a university with an entrepreneurship profile.
  • Stage 2 ("Project phase"): operative implementation of the elaborated concept as well making the entrepreneurship profile of the university a strategically important objective of the university. In addition, activities and projects relating to the start-up that were presented in the concept are to be carried out.

Diagramm mit der Darstellung des Auswahlprozesses für den Wettbewerb : Ideensikzze, Auswahl von bis zu 20 Hochschulen, Konzeptphase (6 Monate) und Auswahl der Jury von bis zu 10 Hochschulen davon 3 mit Prädkat "Gründerhochschule" (Gesamtdauer 1,5 Jahre)

Diagramm mit der Darstellung der Phasen der Projektförderung: Projektphase A (3 Jahre), Fortschrittsberichte, Jury (Fortsetzung der Förderung), Projektphase B (3 Jahre) (Gesamtdauer 5 Jahre) Schematischer Ablauf von Auswahlprozess und Projektförderung für das Programm EXIST - Die Gründerhochschule

The programme is over. Interim evaluation of the 12 strategic concepts of the second round of competition will take place in autumn 2015. The Leit­faden (PDF, 1 MB) offer detailed assistance in case of any questions. Funding of the 22 universities is based on the guidelines of the BMWi dated 23rd October, 2014, which supplements the earlier guideline dated 8th April, 2010.

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