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EXIST Culture of Entrepreneurship

A bustling culture of entrepreneurship at the university is not only characterised by entrepreneurial and realistic range of courses and consulting services or a detailed entrepreneurial research.

What is Culture of Entrepreneurship?

A culture of entrepreneurship is more a presence of entrepreneurial spirit permeating all aspects of the university: all the faculties, the campus, the university administration. A continuous willingness to recognise entrepreneurial opportunities, to value them - and in a best case scenario - also to implement them, characterises an academic culture of entrepreneurship.

To this end the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (now Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) (BMWi) has supported a total of 72 projects at universities with approximately 104 Million euro from 1998 to 2012 in four EXIST phases. The focus was, among others, on developing contact points for those interested in a start-up, educating and training potential entrepreneurs, networking with those with entrepreneurial interests in the region as well as anchoring the topic "Start-up Programme" in the curriculum of the technical and natural science faculties. There were multifaceted consulting and coaching services offered to the entrepreneurs of all projects.

Competition EXIST Culture of Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneur University

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is currently supporting 22 universities university-wide in formulating a comprehensive strategy for increasing entrepreneurial culture and spirit.

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EXIST Entrepreneur University Award 2013

27 universities participated in the second round of the competition. Twelve of these universities were commended in January 2014 by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The University of Kassel, University of Luebeck and Saarland University also obtained the title, EXIST Entrepreneur University. For further information on the competition and on how to submit applications please see here.

EXIST Entrepreneur University Award 2011

The "Entrepreneur University" competition was held for the first time in April 2010 and 83 universities participated with their concept outlines. 24 of these universities were requested to develop a comprehensive strategic concept into an entrepreneurial profile and to present it to an expert jury. 10 universities were selected for funding in July 2011. The Technical University of Berlin, University of Oldenburg and Munich University of Applied Sciences were also given the title, EXIST Entrepreneur University.

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