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This EXIST-service quickly and comfortably informs you about news on, so that you must not keep visiting the website for news. This service is not available right now, but will be started soon.

Binärcode, der in Strömen durch einen bunten Tunnel läuft, symbolisiert Datentransfer

What is RSS?

RSS is an XML-based format that allows for messages to be read and further processed, independent of platforms.

How can I receive RSS-newsfeeds?

For the purpose of reading RSS-Newsfeeds there is various free and commercial RSS-Software, so called Newsreader. A RSS-Newsreader displays the titles and abstracts of new messages and takes you to the full texts on via hyperlinks. In order to subscribe to our RSS-Feed, enter the following address into your RSS-Newsreader:

There are various free and commercial RSS-Newsfeed applications for reading.

To install a Newsreader, please follow the instructions provided by the respective website.

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