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How is funding organised in Phase I?

Funds from EXIST Transfer of Research can finance personnel expenses/costs for up to four positions as well as expenses/costs on materials and equipment. Material and equipment expenses/costs may include, for example, commodities, consumables, investment goods, proprietary rights, market research as well as contract awarding and instances of coaching. Student assistants may also be financed. Expenses/costs relating to student assistants and materials/equipment are eligible for funding up to an amount of 250,000 euro.

Projects of research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Society (FhG), Helmholtz Association (HGF), Max Planck Society, Leibniz Association that are funded by both state/government sources may be funded up to 90%. Projects of universities and other research institutes may be funded up to 100%. The period of funding is generally up to 18 months. A period of funding of up to 36 months may be granted in the case of highly innovative as well as development proposals that are verified to be particularly time consuming and have the explicit consent of an expert jury.

In addition, the "Entrepreneur Team" seminar, which has proven itself in the EXIST Business Start-up Grant, will also be carried out for EXIST Transfer of Research projects.

For further information see Application Phase I of funding.

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