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What rights and duties do I have as an EXIST scholar at the university or research department?

Rights: While being an EXIST scholar, founders have the right to receive a working space as well as to use the facilities; labs etc. at the university or research institution for free . Further there will be a mentor designated to them for technical assistance.
Duties: As a receiver of the grant, you must accept the following duties:
• Devote the entire labor time to founding project, side jobs are only allowed up to 5 hours per week, but should be devoted to the project
• Any other scholarships or side jobs are not permitted
• Provide the proofs of a project-related founding support, utilization of coaching services of the founders network or of a coach
• Participation at the seminar “Gründerteam” (Founder’s Team)
• Reaching three milestones:
o After one month of starting the start-up project, submit a template of all coaching and material resource planning to the Project Management Jülich
o Hold a presentation on the state of the business plan, business model, market, customer benefits after five months in front of the founding network/mentor or coach;
o Submit the business plan, a presentation of results as well as a questionnaire about the business creation / development to the Project Management Jülich after ten months

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