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What does the coaching plan include?

The coaching plan is an estimated schedule of the project lifetime of the EXIST- business start-up grant with concrete information on coaching measures, which include training in the following fields: business plan preparation, founding preparation, business management and other founding relevant issues. The coaching plan is based on the individual requirements of the founders’ team. It can be amended at any time of the granting period after consulting with the Project Management Jülich .
Not eligible for EXIST funding are consultations on technical questions or for product development as well as training on these themes. Contract awards in the field of patent and trademark registration (software) development, corporate identity, creation of contracts as well as drafting of General Terms and Conditions, or similar, are not eligible for funding from the budget of coaching. . A coach must have accordingly demonstrable skills and experience in one of the described subject areas and may not come from the (extended) founding team or be a student at the university.

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