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Which operating expenditures are not recognized?

Expenditures from before the start of the funding period are not eligible for EXIST funding. Furthermore, they lead to the cancellation of the grant, since these would be a premature project commencement.

Benefits provided after the end of the term are also ineligible. Additionally:

  • Operating expenditure “at the last minute”, i.e. equipment purchases and contracts with third parties which are no longer effective in the remaining funding period of the project and do not affect the project’s success.
  • Comfort features, e.g. oversized monitors, purchases of computers for non-promoted team members.
  • Also not accepted are hospitality costs and telephone costs.

In case of procurement outside of Europe, consultation must be held with the Project Management Jülich. If applicable, the proof must be provided for which reason the service cannot be bought within the European area (the same applies to products). When contracting with freelancers it must be ensured that these have demonstrable skills and experience.
Expenditures on services provided after the runtime of the grant period are considered ineligible for EXIST granting.
Costs for tickets, which do not fulfill the purpose of visits with partners or acquisition of customers etc., are not covered by the grant. Furthermore, additional guarantees over several years for laptops etc., that go beyond the standard guarantee and the project period and costs for basic equipment that must be provided by the university are ineligible for EXIST funding. Expenditures are eligible from the time of purchase until the end of the project.

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