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What can I finance from the budget of operating expenditures?

One month after the start of the project an operating expenditure plan must be submitted for approval. Examples of what can be funded are:

  • Material, functional models, licenses, software etc. Maturity related expenditures (domains, extended warranties, licenses, etc.) are only eligible when incurred within the grant period. The remaining period must be financed privately.
  • Project and founding related services provided by third parties, however no direct establishment costs (such as notary fees) and no direct business related expenditures (such as drafting of contracts, General Terms and Conditions, license agreements, etc.)
  • Business trips (e.g. for project-related meetings, trainings etc.)
  • Investments (e.g. PC, special equipment for the project)

The expenditures must be related to the project and reflect service delivery during the project duration. The Project Management Jülich must be notified about any changes in the operating expenditures plan which exceed a value of 410€ (net). Service contracts which exceed a value of 5000€ (net) must be pre-agreed with the Project Management Jülich (provide a corresponding service description). The period of the service delivery must be documented in the documents list.
Note: Get in touch with a purchasing agent at your university/research institution as soon as possible after the start of the project, because special rules, terms and regulations must be adhered to in awarding contracts and purchases. Please note the value limits and directions from the allocation notification (see “subcontracting”).

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