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What counts as founding related coaching?

These include founding specific consulting services from a coach or consulting company. As a daily fee a maximum of 800€ (net) is accepted, plus travel expenses (consultants who are subject to a statutory remuneration regulation e.g. lawyers or accountants are excluded). In addition, there can be expenses for founding relevant individual counseling, e.g. on various contracts, patent strategy, personnel matters. Founding specific counseling and training is also recognized. These are included in the coaching plan and must be consulted about with the founders' network (EXIST-network). Only coaching that can be classified as founding related in the sense of the preparation of founding a business, business or tax related issues, or coaching on product, sales, marketing, finance and IP-strategies is eligible for funding. In special cases, coaching on admission procedures may be eligible for funding. Please find more information here: “What does the coaching plan include?”

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