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Who owns the acquired items?

The prototypes and investments belong to the university or research institution. However, they should be passed on or given for further exclusive use to the founded company upon successful completion of the EXIST business start-up grant (success is defined here as establishment of a company and submission of a qualified business plan). Contractual arrangements for the transfer of the objects must conform to market practices and should be conducive to the commercial development of the business.

Deviations from normal market conditions may be made in favor of the founding company if the difference below the market conditions is granted by the university / research institution as "De-minimis"-aid. (Legal basis for "De-minimis"-aid, Commission Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013 of 18 December 2013, Declaration on "De-minimis"-aid and certificate of "De-minimis"-aid).

"De-minimis"-aid can only be granted to the company, not to private individuals.

If the university earns revenues from the sale of prototypes or investments, the proceeds must be reimbursed to the BMWi in accordance with the funding quota.

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