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What happens to the scholarship in case of illness (under and over 6 weeks)?

Since the scholars are not employees, they are not paid in case of illness, pregnancy and maternity leave. The scholarship may be granted in case of illness, pregnancy and maternity leave to the extent of the entrepreneurs can meet their duties according to § 3 of the scholarship contract. Is the scholar not able to fulfill these duties, payment can be shortened or terminated according to the scholarship contract.
However, all statutory health insured self-employed persons may secure the claim to statutory sick pay from their health insurance. They then pay for their health insurance a contribution rate of 15,5% instead of the reduced rate of 14,9%. They then receive 92€ daily sick pay from the 43rd day of incapacity. As long as they accept the statutory sick pay, they must not pay contributions for health and nursing care. They are bound to the decision of the statutory sick pay for three years. Six weeks without income is a long time for most self-employed, therefore many insurances offer option tariffs which pay a certain amount per day as early as from the 15th or 22nd day of incapacity until the beginning of the statutory sick pay. This is especially interesting for those who do not have large reserves but have ongoing obligations.

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