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Project monitoring

The staff of Project Management Juelich (PtJ) monitor start-up projects that are funded by EXIST Transfer of Research by way of detailed discussions.

Kick-off discussion (Start-up Dialogue)

Within the first three months of the funding period questions regarding the administrative and technical implementation of the project are clarified during the kick-off discussion. The coaching requirements of the team are determined and compared with the services offered by the selected coach and by the local Entrepreneurial Network. A suitable coach is recommended in case a coach has not yet been selected. The start-up dialogue aims at establishing the tasks, areas of responsibilities and milestones to further develop the business concept.

2nd project discussion (Strategy dialogue)

Both the research project and start-up concept are evaluated during the course of the project to see how these are evolving. The business plan and financial concept of the EXIST Transfer of Research project form the basis of this evaluation. The results of market research, contacts to pilot customers and distribution partners and if relevant, the status of the approval procedure and patent application are also discussed. The strategy of the start-up project is further refined and the steps for submitting an application for Phase II of funding are defined.

3nd project discussion (Financing dialogue)

The entrepreneurial team should take early measures to secure follow-up financing. This dialogue prepares the Entrepreneur Team for future financing negotiations. Not only the quality of the financing plan but also the presentation of the business by the entrepreneurial team counts. Together with the coach the most important financing steps are determined and contacts to suitable investors are conveyed. A team start-up is recommended to cope successfully with the different requirements that are made of a business manager.

Seminar "Entrepreneur Team"

A team start-up is recommended to cope successfully with the different requirements made of a business manager. The project sponsor, Juelich Research Centre, also includes the participation in a day long "Entrepreneur Team" seminar so that you get a picture of the potential and entrepreneurial abilities of your team that is as objective as possible. The result includes an analysis of your team. Every team member is given this or her personal strength-weakness profile making targeted improvement possible.
Further guidance on this seminar can be found in the presentation of the program EXIST Business Start-up Grant under the menu item course of the project.

Seminar "Entrepreneurial Discussions"

Management knowledge is imparted during this seminar to successfully cope with the start-up process, case studies from a business perspective. The project sponsor, Juelich Research Centre, organizes this half-yearly event, thus giving participants the opportunity to establish contact with each other. At least one entrepreneurial team member from every EXIST Transfer of Research project should participate in this seminar.

Extension and adjustment of the EXIST Transfer of Research funding guideline.

The new funding guideline came into effect on 9th December, 2014. It replaces the previous funding guidelines for EXIST Transfer of Research dated 15th March, 2012. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy funding programme, EXIST Transfer of Research, is co-financed by the European Social Fund Relevant modifications that have to be considered for this grant can be found in the appendix of the notification of grant award and on the website of the European Social Fund.

Pre-printed forms for funding applications, guidelines, bulletins and incidental provisions can be retrieved from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy "form cupboard". Applicants are requested to use the electronic application system easy-Skizze.

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